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. >> great prediction, lousy stock. >> brenda: neil cavuto is next. >> neil: well, talk about a snow job as victims of super storm sandy and a winter white out are left to fend for themselves. i'm neil cavuto. as a winter storm was blowing into the northeast, fema was shutti down, closing relief centers throughout new york city, a sign hanging on an office door infuriating victims ever sandy who say they're the ones hung out to dry. and fema says it made the move because of conditions were unsafe. no power, no heat, no water, no help, no way. now some lawmakers want billions more for fema? some here onhe panel to say no way. ben stein, charles payne, gerri willis along with adam lashinsky, and saying give them 15 billion more >> 14 billion more, but not to fema, it's the wrong place to put it. it's a mess and owes 18 billion dollars from hurricane katrina. i mean, this is an agency that cannot manage itself. the inspector general wrote a long report last year saying the agency is mismanaged, it doesn't have systems in place that can talk to states. they can't talk to each other, they don
manage good happened until 10:15 and then neil cavuto will probably know what it was. see you tonight on the fox report at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific time. and now it is business time. neil cavuto? >>neil: fema is under fire as storm victims are left to fend for themselves. welcome,en, i am neil cavuto, as the fierce nor'easter was moving in fema was closing down, and this sign hung up in staten island infuriating victims sandy who say they are being hung out to dry and the centers are still closed today a seen being played out across the new york metropolitan area and other hard-hit sections in and around the area. fema says it made the move because conditions were unsafe because of the nor'easter. try telling that to folks who are still freezing their butts off with homes destroy, no power, no heat, no water, and now no real help. a reporter was the first guy to spot one of the signs. matthew, what did they say? and how many of them are out there? >>guest: we have only seen one so far that said fema office is closed because of weather but reporters across the city in the wor
with neil cavuto. >>neil: i don't like you. must you do. >>neil: i find you nauseating obnoxious. it is a love hate relationship. >>imus: i love you. >>neil: you don't. must i do. i do. i do. i do. i do. i will give you a big hug. if i everyone there. >>neil: you are a monster. and i wish i could say lovable monster. do you is a very good heart. >>imus: that is it? >>imus: that is it. thank you. >>neil: i rushed back from denver for this? >>imus: you were on for 12 minutes. that is it. thank you. ♪ imus in the morning >>neil: we talk about what i am grateful for, i am grateful for the incredible quality guests we have had, the biggest name, fair and balanced at conventions and political coverage, equal number of democrats and equal number of republicans. i always tell you we are not red or blue but green, your money, how to make the most of it, who is spending it, who is wasting it, and grateful that given the powerful guy i am i get to attract a lot of very powerful people and, now and then, an occasional hottie. and kate upton knows i am a media powerhouse. it was another thi
and kobe has it right. "studio b" is it for now, and eric is here for neil cavuto. have a great thanksgiving. >>eric: and now the threat as unions take aim at travel and shopping. welcome, everyone, i an here for neil cavuto. this is "your world" and across the country, folks are flooding airports trying to get home for the holidays while others are gorying up for the door buster sales but are unions standing in the way? we are all over it with our reporter at o'hare where grid hock is in full swing and at lax union protests are adding to the misery there as we speak, and diane macedo at walmart where black friday protests are planned and sandra tracking shoppers fearing the fiscal cliff. william, from lax? >>reporter: a bad travel day is a nightmare for thousands as the fastest growing union in the country is holding a protest on the business of the travel day of the year at the third busiest airport in the country. in was designed to turn this road, way you get into lamb, into a parking lot and they have succeeded. what is bad if travelers is good for the union. they are bring
show at 5:00 p.m. and lou dobbs and of course i will be there with neil cavuto and starting his coverage of just before 7:00 p.m. eastern time. a lot more coming up right here. okay, robert gray with earnings of all things for news corp. reported earnings, today is the day, how do the earnings look? >> the fox business network out with revenue that missed. the bottom line, just in earnings per share easily outpaced the average estimate from analysts, six pennies ahead of the average estimate. pulling back a little bit in early trading after hours up about 1.5% in the regular session down one half of 1%. news corp. is boosting the buyback to $10 billion in the current authorization of $5 billion. back to you. david: not much movement at all. our own liz claman bringing the national bell. let's go back to the nasdaq. is it a big button where did it take a lot of pressure to push? >> not at all, it takes square. and there you see us about to push it. hard to miss, let me tell you. and it is fluorescent orange so dumb it's like me don't miss it. on a day like today to ring the bell
neil cavuto. >>neil: look at this, could this be this? remember that? that really didn't help this guy. could this hurt this guy? welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and now it is nasty with temperatures flaring as super storm sandy, still a storm, with people in new jersey lining up if hours to fill up their cars and many are looking for a gallon or two to keep generators going as they deal with the ongoing massive power outages. >> last night i was in a place i waited 45 minutes and i was 50' from it and they ran out. you not guaranteed if you wait in line. the gas stations that have gas there are longer waits and i tried to turnpike but i thought there would be less, but there are more. >>neil: in the midst of this reports of gouging with some charging more than $5 a blond and now that is common, police stationed outside the gas stations and the political fall intermediate from all of this in a moment and the financial fallout first and foremost. >>jonathan: a tough situation just to get gas so they can commute to and from work. we are here on the west side of manhattan where people
and we will be here. here is neil cavuto. >>neil: thank you. the voting storm now after the storm. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. they made it through power failures and through flooding and one evacuation after another, and now they are voting in tents and frigid temperatures, and he have generators that are going out if they are lucky do have a generator, and voting machines that are malfunctioning, and making paper ballots the only option in a lost the areas, a similar thing going on in the garden state, as they weather this election storm to douglas kennedy keeping track of all of this in new york city. douglas? >> it has been over a week since hurricane sandy battered the shores but the state is still feeling the effect on election day. in fact, election officials say over 800 polling places were damaged other are still without power and they have instituted emergency measures to allow residents to vote. new jersey governor chris christie, for instance, says anyone who is affected by the storm can vote at any polling place in the state. he says he is ordered to oversee
day. happy veterans day. here is neil cavuto. >>neil: forget taxing just the rich to avoid the cliff, are democrats signaling they are willing to throw everyone off the cliff just to make a point? lucky for this guy, he has a parachute. thought is sure about the rest of us. there is no parachute that could hold me but i digress. welcome, everyone, top democratic senator patty murray is saying that she would rather go over the cliff than be stream rolled by republicans either the rip get hit show says or everyone gets hit and talk about hit, a retroactive tax hike never-before-seen in american history likely to make this feeble recovery history happening january 1 and no one will be spared unless they do something now. democrats insist the pain is temporary vowing to a pass tax cuts? >>guest: year by the middle class putting republicans in the box a game the democrats will win but charles payne says this economy cannot afford it. long before the storms, charles was look at a couple of big subsequent operators players and he was talking about this, the issues like doubling and tripling
time, 4:00 eastern time, and down day but not horrible, so do not come crying to neil cavuto, anyway. >>neil: not the dirty dozen, maybe the dirty half dozen, what could be, could be, could be a grand old party pass on a pledge, the vow never to raise taxes no how, no way, and today a way for a growing number of republicans to say, sorry, grover, it is over. that pledge we signed turns out it wasn't written in permanent ink. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and don't look now but i think americans for americans for tax reform and the zealot could be pumped. grover norquist himself on what appears to be a revolt on the right, half dozen republican senators would have disown add pledge that isn't feasible now including oklahoma senator coburn, arizona's john mccain, south carolina's graham, idaho's crapo, tennessee's alexander, and georgia's sam bliss. it is not that they have all become antipledge, more like, well, antisweeping pledge. particularly the party of that pledge that called for resisting any move to end any tax break. to hear georgia's chambliss, too rigid, too inflexibl
.com. loved ones. i'll send you back now to cavuto on business. i'm jamie colby. keep it on fox. >> neil: do you think the victims of sandy are fuming at fema now, with the cash dwindling they're prepared to ask for at taxpayer funded bailout and reportshat fema and red cross workers in new york were shacking up in the swanky soho grand hotel in manhattan. at least they're getting a discount rate. $310 a night. the red cross footing the tab at $181,000 for their workers and charles doesn't like any of this. and my point on this, i tend to think they got us a bit too much bad press for this, they have to stay somewhere, but i have a problem with it when it's at the expense of folks who are affected by this. >> dave: right of course now they're talking about a bailout for fema, a bailout after katrina and never paid that back and whatever, 16 billion, the post office lost 16 billion. federal housing administration. >> neil: 16 billion. >> that's a common thing, 16 billion, 16 billion, the number later on. >> a combination. >> neil: and after 16, after 16. >> and listen, of course, they have to
that is it for me. neil cavuto is up next to explain all things money. have a great weekend. >>neil: they came. they met. they talked. what did they do? markets are hopeful they did something. they nice with each other and constructive. for now, wall street is buying. are you? welcome, everyones i am neil cavuto and fox on top of time running out, and with washington clearing out for thanksgiving, any chance they can still avoid a cliff this christmas? trillions in spending cuts and expiring tax rates are on the line, to wall streeter playing things very close to his vest. larry, what do you think? >>guest: investors remain very concerned. they are worried about higher tasses and runaway spending. this has been playing out the least of which is 1,000 stock market decline the last month. it is playing out in other ways. for example, companies that are winners should be very strong going into the year end particularly with the holiday season ahead such as apple computer down 25 percent from the height as investors lock in lower capital gains this year ahead of what will be higher taxe
the news and politics. neil cavuto continues things here now, final bell is tolling and wall street, well, we are up. >>neil: this is it, eight hours before the first polls in america open. i am talking about a small town in new hampshire, under 100 votes in total and things will run smoothly there, but will sandy do a number here in the most popular part of the northeast? that is the question. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and cloudy with a 90 percent chance of has confusion. ahead of the vote in the northeast, folks still wondering, where are they going to vote in the northeast? because of hurricane sandy, say this vote shuffle will not be dandy or easy in new york alone, 59 polling places are being moved we in and around coastal areas that were directly affected by the storm. some will be merged into what they call super polling sites including tents, shuttle buses are used to transport voteers every 15 to 30 minutes, and hundreds of generators of being used to make sure there is enough power. in some spots along the new jersey shore, voters will is to travel a couple of to
in for neil cavuto. with the holiday shopping season underway a lot of consumers are saying no way. and more than half saying the uncertainty around the fiscal cliff will impact their spending and job creators are cutting back on spending and a bad deal for the economy? well, let's ask. ben stein, dagen mcdowell, charlie gasperino and gary k. want to start with you. bad deal for all of us? >> of course, look, business investment was already down last quarter over 1%, and the word uncertainty just pervades e air and its business, its consumer, how about philanthropic organizations don't no what kind of write-offs for charity and the worst the outcome is probably going to be more, and taxes are going to go up and of course there will be no spending cuts. >> and ben, it does sound ominous, even if you're not someone who reads the wall street journa the fiscal cliff, fiscal cliff, it could be the-- i don't know intimidation factor, it could actually be worse than going over the cliff. >> i think that's a brilliant point, charles. if we went over the cliff for a few months the impact would not be
nice work down there. what does this mean big picture? neil cavuto is off today so we will turn to stuart varney and "your world." >>stuart: look at that, stocks, up. hopes for a fiscal cliff deal, up. question: does that mean taxes are about to go up? welcome, everyone, i am stuart varney here for neil cavuto and this is "your world." stocks straight up. wall street betting a deal will be made as democrats double down on demands for tax hikes as part of a deal. >> the president has been very clear, the higher income people have to pay their fair share. >> letting the top rate return to clinton era levels. >> that would be 39.percent. a new poll shows a majority of voters 57 percent, favor hiking taxes on high income earners and not looking too good for republicans looking to hold out. and now art laffer, i am not suggesting this is good policy but this is what will happen. tax rates up on the rich and promises of spending cuts later, and ignore the debt. that is the nature of the fiscal cliff deal. what do you say? >>guest: you are correct. that is what is going to happen. i ho
in with you, but neil cavuto is a man of his word and he paid you back all of that ice cream and i am not getting with you, i am not giving up my ice cream. >>guest: i am quitting while i am afraid. quit while you are aahead. >> we will say like that, that is like someone saying they will never run again. thanks, larry, nice to see you. as washington worked on hammering out a budget deal, are we about to get another hit at the gas pump? or jumping into the marke he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. ♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of the country's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply bemes consider it solved. emerson. ♪ >> well you, probably think you're paying the at the pump. as the tal
and cut more spending. i am neil cavuto this is getting ridiculous, union members on capitol hill, to keep lawmakers to keep their hands often title ams. man are they very create on the tax front. now tax of a higr gas tax to fund construction projects. to slash all deducts and exemptions not just for the rich even adjust mortgage formula for example, likely veros in those taxpayers below $250,00 $250,000 threshold, more like a hundred grand crowd now. a health care surtax on the rich to cover a program whose costs are already spiralling. but not much cost on underlying abuses, you see a pattern here. i do not care whether you are on the left or right, the way we're going about this is not fair. no creative solutions to cut spending, a lot of ideas to raise revenues. taking a shine to spending our money, but never saving us money. we'll debate this. with wealth manager. if you want to look serious you need to put big spending cuts on the table. and we have, i just call him my toke an liberal friend. rick yo unger. you are not buying this. >> i see some, but the problem, you have to be care
to be. stuart varney, lou dobbs and neil cavuto will not go anywhere. 5:00 beyond -- seven copy of eastern. lori: hopefully bill kristol is right and we have a decision. the market is holding up as soon as you know, the name of our next president. >> the critical week for greece austerity ramps up whether it should abandon the euro. look at the metals. gold, silver, copper heading i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll b
.m. with stuart varney, lou dobbs than neil cavuto. you will bring as the exit polls? >> we will be in the virtual studio. dennis: they could be controversial you could negative the hopes if released to early. >> we have a meeting about that. sandra smith brings of the names of the stock. >> and we have a live report from nevada. >> look at the 10 year treasury. >> by a at robert gray. with your fox business brief eight people have been shot to word dead in california at a food company. the abc affiliate reports the suspect is among those dead but it hasn't been confirmed. united arab emirates have requested to buy missile defense from lockheed martin buy it as the boy $6 billion. the sale has been approved we began up to lawmakers to repeal it. >> regulators looking into unauthorized trading after the firm's president told the wall street journal also receive apple shares andover bought by 1,000 shares. this is the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper. to line priceline has been soaring since obama won the election in 2008 now we have the winners of the obama era >> daewoo t
the chuck 44 days till the music stops and the spending ban is rming up. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto and i bet you thought ahead of this big deadline, congress's spending days were done? well, you don't know what the chuck you're talking about because new york senator chuck schumer wants more spending now, not less. more stimulus to create jobs and leaving aside the wisdom of stimulus, what about the real threat of this cliff. apparently not threatening enough for schumer's colleagues. dave rockefeller and harken to say hands off medica, hands off medicaid, hands off social security. and there eliminates the entire spending issue. so the president himself said to raise the tax burden on the rich, now he wants 1.6 trillion dollars in taxes, but double what he wanted earlier th year and we hear that schumer wants even more. you see wher this is going? and now wants to include cuts agreed to last year to count the same as cuts this year. and i tnk they call that double accounting, double booking, using two books o booking yourself, i don't know, but it is confusing, double this. and dem
presentation. >> tur bucks, now, neil cavuto. >> neil: it's on the final election three days away and anger and frustration continue to mount over that response to sandy. today, it's the tale of two remarkable lines. this one for folks just looking to fill up, as the shortage of gas for the northeast leads to rationing and a lot more. and these lines, folks lining up for early voting in florida. some waiting for four hours to vote. so far more than 25 million americans cast ballots in 34 states and we're with louisiana residential governor bobby jindal shall the storm after the storm. jack welch on the d.c. storm. and charlie rangel on the government's stormy response to sandy and how it reverberates. and first the very latest what's going on. forget the dollars, it's sandy thing is turning dire, very dire, over 100 dead now with the count expected to go higher as rescue workers finally reach the flooded homes and no less than michael bloomberg predicting more bodies will be found. and president obama fema headquarters this morning, holding a conference call with the governors of new york,
they are worried about it. they are talking about it in washington. talking. here comes neil cavuto. >>neil: thank you, it looks like taxes could be going so stobs are crashing. is the cliff coming? today better than 312 point could be a preview of coming attractions. that was fast. welcome, everyone, president obama is in. but the dow is not wowed investors moving to very real financial bullets, and all ready to shoot off the same minute, exactly the same day, in exactly 54 days, the stroke of midnight, january 1 when all of the cuts begin and all of the bush tax rates phase out. a multitrillion dollar hit to the economy that could turn a recovery into a stubborn recession faster than you can spit out going to knell a hand basket which the folks at moody's threaten could cost us dearly in the form of another debt downgrade. that would likely tank the dollar and bond and stocks. we are that close and that scary on the day when europe got more scary and germany was pumped. the debt crisis likely to hit there hard as another storm, this one, a huge nor'easter prepares to hit america's
is neil cavuto. >>neil: now we know and clearly now wall street knows, stick it to the rich or else. they didn't like it. how about you? today, president obama making it clear and remove all doubt the republican talking over deductions for the rich not enough. raise the tax rates or all jump off the cliff now. >> when it comes to the top 2 percent what i'm not going to do is to extend further a tax cut for folks who don't need it which would cost close to $1 trillion and it is very difficult to see how you make up that $1 trillion if we are serious about debt reductions by closing loopholes and deductions. >>neil: did you hear that? that is close as unequivocal as the president has ever been on tax issue. limiting deductions, ending write offs and not likely to raise as up money as slapping those old clinton tax rates right back on the wealthy. say republicans do not quite see things that way, speaker boehner refusing to consider a rate hike would put the would expect of an end of year deal to avoid a cliff locking more like a chasm. the public debt watcher is our guest. what do you
business headquarters in new york city, here again is neil cavuto. neil: all right. right to script, but each campaign going into the race. all we have had is a wink and nod and prayer states, the one that, you know, maybe the polls are tight enough. pennsylvania was one of those states for the romney forces, but there were not kidding. it was not a head fake or what robert gives and others said, a hail mary pass. it was a legitimate feeling among the romney folks that it was closing in. the polls are closing, and it was reason enough for the candidates to do something unusual. show of the day of voting, as he did, in ohio, but it was not to be. barack obama picks up the keystone state and its 20 electoral votes. that is ultimately what the polls said what happened, did happen. lou dobbs back with me. everything is coming to fruition as expected, but there has to be a little disappointment of the romney felt because they had hoped. >> as they extended the campaign into pennsylvania and everyone talking about fool's gold for republicans, it turned out to be fool's gold. but it is als
removal. they call this kids don't do it museum. >> neil cavuto it's not like he ever cared. whicholleges are offering a course of civility. they used for something horrible. >> greg: not being cute. led to dispute amount chinese man, reportedly sued his wife for giving birth to an ugly baby neither he nor his wife were unattractive. they are laughing how i pronounced his name. he is the woman but they did resemble mommy before she spent hundred thousand dollars on plastic. they were married under false pretenses and awarded him $120,000. >> anyway, the baby being fed. >> greg: by the way that was the new movie starring linda hunt. you don't know who linda hunt. she was the beauty and truly the beast. remember living dangerously? >> and linda hamilton. >> linda hunt. let's focus on linda hamilton. >> you are seriously not an entertainment reporter. >> this is deceptive. you call it a bait and switch. i would call it a nate and switch. i said it so you couldn't say that. >> thank you for taking my line. i had that in my notes. i e-mailed that five hours ago. i do find the story fascinating
to give anything up? welcome, i am charles payne in for neil cavuto. two dozen employee unions begging congresso spare them on any deaof the fiscal cliff. this on top of unions everywhere flexing their muscles. airports, retail stores, hospitals. it's time to say this gravy train is over. dave, when you have? reporter: all the excesses of government and the phony rules and regulations and useless rules, these unions thre on that. the postal employees union is extraordinary. federal and postal employees are struggling during these hard times. no other group has been asked to financially contribute in the way that they have. we know that they are making twice as much of a comparable job and the private workforce. >> there is no gravy train left. america it is not in the 50s anymore. companies along the lines of this, they can't handle the higher pay rate. there is no future for private and public jobs growing in the sector. charles: in the private sector it is all about this. if they had a really from the white house and national labor relations board. it seems like a favorable media rig
are not encouraging. welcome, everybody, i am neil cavuto. this is the scene today. they came out ofthe white house looking like progress is being made. but what we are being told is not entirely encouraging. lot of talk about tax hikes. in fact, doubling the total amount than what we were been told before the eltion. and also more spending. it's hard to believe, but chuck schumer and some others are saying a half trillion dollars for a jobs bilto stimulate the economy. my only reason i'm mentioning this is the election had consequences but it doesn't get i victors an opportunity to review the facts. they did not give a pass to recognizing the severity of the issue. we are spending and we are spent. now, we are seeing more spending. it is not good. the rebound from pete domenici and craig barrett. what do you say? encouraging or not encouraging? >> i'm on your side, neil. the other half load keep taxes flat, you have a 5050 standoff. bring on the sequestration or simpson-bowles, let's get something done. neil: we stand out with a number of senators. they say don't touch his or that. there is half t
, so is everything else. i am tom sullivan in for neil cavuto. immigrants, take your pick. the government promoting a gateway for new citizens to take advantage of government benefits. the website promoted by the department of homeland security basically serving as a menu of handouts and giveaways that they can jump on. medicare, medicaid, food stamps, you name it, political analyst says this is why the land of the free is becoming way too costly. joined by manager jonathan hoenig and democratic strategist margery clifton. this is an advertisement? >> what this is doing is just encouraging people to game the system. when my mother came here, she did not come here to try and get welfare benefits, she came here to be self-sufficient. what this administration is doing is trying to create people not self-sufficient but dependent. tom: jonathan, what happened to the day when immigrants set i want to go to america to have a better life? are they still doing it? >> land of the free is now land of the freebies. we turn the american dream into the dependency dream. i am vehemently
tomorrow we have and i told travis. we don't have one. nigel is power. i am neil cavuto. but we will get three doughnuts. >> hello, everybody, i am cheryl casone in for gerri willis. today's the startof the lame-duck session. president obama spoke to harry reid over the phone about the fiscal cliff over the weekend. the white house is making it clear today that the president won't sign a bill that extends tax cuts for those earning $250,000 a year in social security. it will not be part of the fiscal cliff. so we are going to talk about the compromise. we have a congress and to talk about this with us. >> and you for having me cheryl: or a little bill? >> we were waiting and hoping to compromise with its administration. but they they would just never come to the table. >> these democrats want to continue spending on social programs, republicans don't want tax cuts to be touched. you think we can have coromise from both sides on each of these issues? the rhetoric that we are hearing on a television screen is pretty negative. >> he did say that we want and the republicans will rea
of the united states, welcome i am neil cavuto, we're hoping to have this resolved with our coverage that starts with stuart varney, then lou dobbs, and we are on 6:55 eastern time, we hope to have it resolved early morning november 7, betting is 1 or 2 aim, aimee copland, i would -- i thought we would push ourselveses into our friend don imus' program, but because it could be so close, in particular ohio, that there will be recounts automatic recounts there could be lawyers, automatic litigating that is where you find our eric shawn in cleveland, ohio, they are getting ready for the worse in this case, what could be a long, drawn-out series of days, picking through ought of the votes, right? >> you are right, more than days, right now tonight, christmas wreaths are out in front of tower city center top of tower lit up in red, white and blue, is it possible we could be here until december? i don't think so, but this is how it could potentially happen. automatic recount starts in ohio if you are within 1/4 of 1% of the vote that is about 20,000 votes, in 2008, you have about 5.6 million or more,
as much as you feared. welcome i am neil cavuto, it could be just one of those famous trial balloons. but indication today that president obama is a little bit more flexible on the tax hike for the rich, at least than we thought, but he still want to doe i have tdestroy you rich pe, kidding, he doesn't toupee more but not clinton era more. 38%, that is potentially a significant development, it could be a deal maker, he is why, president says he -- republicans to give in on having rich pay more taxes, republicans could say as least as not as much more. in a sense, it splits the tax revenue difference. there is still a long way from the deal. but clearly sign yet that this president, who has been attacked for not being flexible on spending cuts, by not cutting anybody. what to make of it? tom fanning. and former bush front economic director todd. erin, what are we to make of this? do you get a sent from this, that this is the making of a middle ground deal? >> i think it is. i was up on capitol hill today. john boehner had a press conference followed one by senate democratic leaders, t
like. well that is it for us. stay tuned for a special 2012 election coverage led by neil cavuto right here on fox business. good night from new york. we have you cover for what could be a very, very long night. this case scenarios, the wee hours of tomorrow morning. we have covered the route. glazes over the nasdaq monitoring foreign market reaction to my teachers market reaction. ashley webster house in virginia. keep in mind, that is a crucial must win for mitt romney if he is to reverse the wind that barack obama had there we will see what happens now. melissa frances in tampa, florida. it fared in its 29 electoral votes, one of the tantalizing prices. jeff flock in columbus ohio. eighteen votes, lawsuits, lawyers. man-to-man, it will be dramatic. rich edson at obama headquarters if you were to say that nevada, six electoral votes could be a deal changer, a little more than a few weeks ago there would have thought you crazy. that was then, this is now. the battle for every single electoral vote, where you need to run in 72 when an addict and it seems to have a going in, you get an
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